Office 2010 applications display/font don’t display clear and smooth


Windows XP

Office 2007/2010

Citrix XenApp 5

When launching Office 2007/2010 applications the display/fonts aren’t displaying as clear and smooth as when they are run locally

By default, Windows XP is set for ‘Standard’ effects, this setting passes through to the Citrix session. Modifying the effects to ClearType, the applications display/fonts display clear and smooth.
1. Right click/Properties on the Windows XP desktop
2. Click Appearance
3. Click Effects
4. Change ‘Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts’ to ‘ClearType’
5. Click OK

There is no Windows GPO to modify this for Windows XP. The registry keys related to this setting are:
Registry Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
Value Name: FontSmoothing – Setting for Value Data: [Set Value to 2] (Default = 0)
Value Name: FontSmoothingType – Setting for Value Data: [Change Value to 2] (Default = 0)

“For an ICA client running on Windows XP or higher, the client will automatically detect the client machine’s font smoothing setting and send it to the server at connection time only. The session will connect using this setting.”

More information:

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