After installing XenApp5 for Windows 2008 Rollup1, applications crash just after launch


Windows 2008 Server R2 – Print Server
Windows 2008 Server SP2 -Citrix XenApp5 with RollUp1
Microsoft Office 2010
Fuji Xerox printer driver(s) installed

After installing Rollup1 for XenApp5 on Windows, when published applications like Word, Excel, Notepad get launched, the application will ‘stop working’ and try to restart.
Before Rollup1 this issue never occurred.

Looking in the Windows Event Viewer, under Application, an Application Error has occurred on application.exe (winword.exe, excel.exe) and the faulting module is one of the FX printer driver DLL’s.

Fuji Xerox have a GPD printer driver which is similar to a universal printer driver.

Fuji Xerox GPD Printer Driver


After using this GPD driver we started experiencing other issues like slowness when trying to print etc. Fuji Xerox support said not to use this Global Driver and recommended upgrading our drivers on the XenApp servers. Fuji Xerox also have a ‘Print Utility for XenApp’ which they recommend, to use this utility it only works with actual drivers and not the GPD.

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