Enable Citrix Receiver for Single Sign-On

1. Enable the “Domain Pass-through” authentication method on the Storefront server
2. On the domain workstation/XenApp Server, install CitrixReceiver.exe with the /includeSSON switch from the command line.
3. Install the icaclient.adm template and configure by using gpedit.msc

>>Computer Configuration
>>Administrative Template
>>Select User Authentication
>>Classic Admin Templates
>>Citrix Components
>>Citrix Receiver
>>User Authentication
>>Local User Name and Password and Enable the following options

– Enable pass-through authentication
– Allow pass-through authentication for all ICA connections
4. After you enable the policies in the icaclient.adm template, you must run the following command: gpupdate /force
5. Add the Storefront FQDN to the Local Intranet zone in Internet Explorer
6. Restart the workstation
7. After the restart, verify if the ssonsvr.exe process is running in the Task Manager
8. Create an account in Citrix Receiver that points to the Storefront store that has enabled desktop pass-through. For example: https://SF-FQDN/Citrix/Store
The application subscription list or the Add Apps screen appears.
9. Ensure that the ssonsvr.exe was installed during the command line install by verifying if the following path contains the installed executable:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\ICA Client\ssonsvr.exe
10. Ensure that the workstation is a part of the trusted domain that the Storefront server is hosted on.

Some additional steps that may need to be done:

1. Navigate to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\<Storename>\Views\PnaConfig\config.aspx
2. Change the logon section like this :


3. Restart the workstations

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